Wildlife Removal and Animal Control Techniques

Managing nuisance wildlife that has entered the home is not a simple task. Trained professionals spend years perfecting the techniques that eliminate these pests quickly and effectively. They also spend a large amount of time familiarizing themselves with local, state, and federal legislation. Once animals are removed or excluded according to these laws, it is extremely crucial that all steps regarding sanitation and restoration are carried ourt properly and in the correct order.

Dealing with wildlife inside the home or attic space can be extremely dangerous and is best left to experts who specialize in these services. However, our guide should help to describe how Wildlife Management Pros handle nuisance wildlife, and provide some safety tips for do-it-yourself-ers and other wildlife control agencies alike.

Armadillo Trapping
Trapping Armadillos


Armadillos are pretty helpless little creatures. They roam from yard to yard in search of food or a good garden to tear up, and most end up as roadkill due to poor eyesight and slow movement. A garden is a seemingly endless supply of food for these critters, so they might just start a family under your deck, behind your shed, or in some tall brush on your property. Call a wildlife removal expert to have these destructive little guys trapped and relocated somewhere else where they won't do damage to your property.

Bat Removal
Removing Bats


Bats are a protected species in most states. They are are integral part of most ecosystems and consume many insects per day. During bat maternity season it is illegal to perform a bat exclusion to remove bats from your home. Maternity Season varies by state and county, and we suggest consulting local Fish &ammp; Game Services.

Bee and Wasp Removal
Removing Bees & Wasps

Bees & Wasps

One of the most deadly creatures in comparison to its size is the African "killer bee." These bees are extremely aggressive and will attack in numbers large enough to cause symptoms of bee poisoning in adults without a sensitivity to bee stings. Be extremely cautious in removing bees, and call a specialist if you are not a trained bee removal expert.

Bird Removal
Bird Removal


Wild birds can be a serious nuisance in most homes. Birds will seek shelter to nest and reproduce in attics, garages, barns, and commercial properties. Our trained team of experts can help you solve your bird problem quickly, effectively, and show you how to prevent birds from nesting in your space again.

Dead Carcass Removal
Removing Carcasses

Dead Animals

We get calls about dead animals with some frequency. If the animals are in the road, we must defer to local transportation commissions, law enforcement, or Fish & Game departments to remove these poor animals. Dead animals found on personal property are the responsibility of the property owner, and this is something we can legally assist with.

Possum and Opossum Removal
Removing Possums


Possums, or opossums, are marsupial mammals that live in the United States. There are many differnt types of possums that live in North America, but the removal and control of them is generally the same. They, like most animals, are more afraid of you then you can be of them.

Raccoon Removal
Removing Raccoons


Raccoons are some of the most common nuisance wildlife you will encounter in a residential setting. They like to get into garbage cans and leave droppings on the driveway and yard. These creatures are smart, resourceful, and eat just about anything. The easiest way to get rid of raccoons is to trap them.

Rodent and Rat Removal
Removing Rats and Rodents


Rodents are common in areas that have recently experienced inclimate weather, or heavy construction and development. Conversely, they also appear in areas that haven't been inhabitated for a long time. They are very afraid of humans, and will do anything they can to stay undetected.

Animal Control Skunks
Skunk Removal


Arguably the most odorous nuisance wildlife creature (alive, that is), the common skunk can do some serious damage digging into your lawn and garden. Despite the recognized inconvenience of rank, lingering odors the air, skunks can spray your patio furniture, deck, the sides of your house, and worst of all, your household pets.

BSnake Removal
Removing Snakes


Snakes in the yard or garden will help take care of some nuisance wildlife for you, including small rodents and mammals. If you find a snake in your home, it will most likely frighten you and make you feel like you are in danger. You're not in any more danger than if you ran into the snake outside, but you should certainly contact a wildlife removal specialist to wrangle the snake.

Squirrel Removal
Removing Squirrels


Squirrels in the yard are not much of a hassle. They are happy to be left alone and will probably only interest your household pets like dogs and cats. If they manage to get inside your home, however, they can wreak havoc on insulation and other functional parts of the home.