About Armadillos

Armadillos are small mammals with a shell that appears leathery in texture. They are found across North America and in most of the United States. The most common kind of armadillo is known to transmit lepresy, and can also carry rabies and contaminate water with its feces. Most armadillos in the United States will be smaller than a full grown cat and have the rigid shell covering.

Armadillo Walking
Armadillo walking in the yard

Armadillo Species

Armadillo species vary in size, weight, and behavior. The largest armadillos can be as large as 119lbs. and the smallest are the size of a chipmunk at around 3oz. The nine-banded armadillo, about 10kg in weight at most, are very common in the American South because they have few natural predators other than motor vehicles.

Nine-Banded Armadillos

These little creatures are insectivores and thus eat insects like ants, termites, and the like. They are surprisingly spry for their stature and perceived slowness, and can move quickly across the ground if sufficiently frightened. Nine-banded armadillos don't appear to have powerful legs, but they have been known to launch themselves 3-4 feet in the air. The preferred habitat of these creatures is referred to as scrublands and prairies in the united states, which provide ample insect food and few natural predators.

How Nine-Banded Armadillos Escape Predators

Thorny patches of brush can become safe havens for armadillos because their hard shell and scaly exterior prevent them from being scratched. Armadillos are also digging animals and can burrow into the ground to avoid being eaten.

Other Non-Native Species of Armadillo

The Pink Fairy armadillo is a variety of armadillo that looks quite fanciful. It has a hard shell from the tip of its nose to its tail, but it does not cover the sides of the animal. You can only find these creatures in the wild in the southernmost countries in South America.

Armadillo Walking Around
Armadillo walking around

The Screaming Hairy Armadillo has hair that protrudes from a hard shell, and will result to loud, racous screaming if threatened. Again, you won't find this one in the United States, but in South America.

The Giant Armadillo is a variety in its own weight class. These monsters can have from 80-100 teeth and dominate most of Northern South America. They can be almost a meter long–without the tail

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