How to Keep Armadillos Away

This is a how-to article for homeowners that notice armadillos on their property periodically and want to prevent a larger infestation of armadillos in their yard and around the home. We go over several tips that wildlife professionals use to successfully exclude armadillos from properties with wandering armadillos. Wandering armadillos can cause damage similar to those of armadillos that live on your property and nest there, and we can use some of the same techniques to keep armadillos away from these properties.

armadillo at large
Armadillo at large

Inspecting your Property for Damage and Entry Points

Survey your yard and fence and make sure everything is in good working order to secure the area from wandering critters. The armadillo can dig, so check for holes underneath the fence made by armadillos or other nuisance wildlife.

Filling Holes By the Fence to Prevent Armadillos

You can keep armadillos away by filling in holes along your fenceline with tightly packed dirt. Monitor this area over the following days and weeks to make sure that the dirt settles. Add more dirt if necessary and re-pack it into the earth.

Repairing Fence Slats Where Armadillos Can Enter

Damaged fence slats or fence boards can allow all kinds of things to crawl into your yard. Prevent other wildlife by replacing broken or split boards, re-tack boards that have fallen down, and shore up the dirt aroudn these new or repaired boards while you are there.

mesh for exclusion
Steel Exclusion Mesh

Installing Steel Screen to Keep Armadillos Away

Steel mesh and screening can keep armadillos and rodents from crawling under tight spaces, as well as larger ones. It's a great multi-purpose exclusion material and is both long-lasting and strong. You can make stakes that hold the steel mesh top the dirt and the deck above to make a nice skirting for your porch or deck and keep things from crawling underneath. Be careful not to seal anything in there and make a door if you want to use that space for storage or want to be able to access it easily later.

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