How to Catch a Bat

Bats are extremely resourceful, quick, and good at hiding. If you are able to catch a bat, you must be extremely careful in handling the bat. In most cases it is illegal to cage or harass these animals due to protections from the Endagered Species Act.

Bat funnels
Bat funnels

Exclusion Traps for Catching Bats

If you are a seasoned professional bat removal specialist, you'll be acclimated with all kinds of exclusion materials and devices that are used to catch bats and exclude them from your attic. With a system of wire mesh, poly net, and pvc tubing, you can easily set up a bat hallway where you collect the colony of bats, and offer them only one way out of your attic. This is the best way to handle bat removal.

Metal Traps for Catching Bats

We see and speak to people anxious to use metal traps for bats often, and we highly discourage this. Metal traps will need to be checked at least once a day to make sure the bat is still alive in your trap. If a bat dies in your trap, you have committed a federal crime, punshiable by fines that start in the thousands of dollars. It is also incredibly cruel and inhumane to trap these animals.

Nets For Catching Bats

Our technicians meet with customers every day who have tried to use all kinds of nets to catch a single bat in their house themselves, from the pool skimmer, to something meant for fish and marine life. Again, we discourage these methods as they are not meant for bats, and can harm them. To make matters worse, the improper removal of bats can be considered harassment of an endangered species, leaving you in a situation where you've committed a crime.

Glue Traps for Catching Bats

If you haven't already guessed, this is also a terrible way to try to end your bat pest problem. It is another horribly inhuman way to catch these creatures and remove them from your home. Any reputable wildlife removal service will inform you that they do not use glue traps for bats, due to legal and ethical implications from the use of this material.

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