Bat Exclusion Methods

Why Exclusion?

bat exclusions are the most humane way to remove bats from your home. Killing bats is illegal and trapping them can result in killing them. Our service technicians are trained to exclude bats and will not exterminate them or use glue or metal cage traps to capture them.

Exclusion Materials

We've included some of the materials we use for bat exclusion below, but almost anything can be used for exclusion. Be mindful of the materials you are using, however, because it is illegal to harm bats in any way. Materials you use should not cause them to become trapped or suffocate.

Bat Exclusion with Steel Mesh
Bat Steel Mesh Exclusion

Metal Mesh

Metal mesh is a great choice for excluding bats from openings that have to allow air to pass through, such as attic vents on your roof. You can also use this material for side-mounted vents on the gables of your house, or as a temporary covering for damaged soffit until you can replace it.

1/4-inch Poly Netting

An extremely safe material for bat exclusion, and generally inexpensive if you buy it from the right place. It takes some skill to know where and how to set up the netting so as not to trap the bats or harm them. If you set up a path for them to exit you can use the netting as a large bat funnel.

Window Screen

You can find this material at any home improvement store. It's cheap and works well in tight spaces where poly netting would be overkill. You will probably use this a quick fix that you will need to repair later with the right materials, but it works exceptionally well for a short amount of time.

Bat Exclusion Funnels
Bat Funnel Exclusion


Bat funnels are different from the type of funnels you would use to put motor oil in your car or in the kitchen. The main concept is the same though. There will be an opening at one end of your funnel that is smaller than the other. A common technique for these funnels is to place some netting or textile materials at the exit side to prevent bats from returning through the exit. The material will bunch up and block the opening if bats try to to enter the funnel from this side.

Installing Exclusion Materials

Recommended Tools

Cordless Drill

A cordless screwdriver or drill is a must-have for DIY bat removal. You'll need it to screw down metal mesh, plastic piping, and other exclusion materials.

Hacksaw or Electric Saw

This is essential for cutting pipe, metal mesh, or boards for your exclusion materials. You'll also need this to make any repairs to you home once the exclusion is done.

Caulking Gun

Another necessary tool for bat removal and exclusion. You'll want to make sure small cracks that you sealed with window screen are properly sealed up with waterproof, airtight silicone caulking.

Where To Install Exclusion Devices

Where do I install bat exclusion devices? The best place to install them is over openings that they are traveling through to enter your attic space. You won't want to use your exclusion materials on gaps that are too small for them to travel through, or that aren't being used by bats. However, you can use some of your materials like window screening to seal up other small holes that nuisance wildlife like rats can travel through at the same time.

Other Exclusion Methods

Exclusion methods are going to vary from house to house and from person to person, as well as from one bat species to another.

Bat Repellent

Retailers sell and market products that claim to repell bats or make an area unsuitable for them to nest and reproduce. Some people say that moth balls will keep them away, but we've never seen anything like this work.

Bat Sound Repellent
Bat Sound Repellent

Sound Generators

Some outdoor pests like mosquitoes have been said to respond to ultra high frequency noises made by sound machines. This is another too-good-to-be-true product, and unfortunately doesn't work on bats. Even if it did, that is a cruel way to remove these creatures from your home.

Why Should I Hire A Professional?

Bottom line, if you want bats out, and to stay out, with none of the hassle, you should hire a bat removal specialist right away. Bat removal specialists will have the proper licensing, insurance, tools, materials, and know-how to solve your bat problem quickly.

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