How to Kill a Bat

Killing bats is illegal, period. There is no safe poison, kill trap, or weapon you can disharge that makes it legal to exterminate or end the life of a bat in the United States.

Why We Don't Kill Bats

Professional wildlife removal companies across the United States understand how invaluable these creatures are to our ecosystem. Trained wildlife biologists may even convince you not to hate bats after they've ruined your home. They will also know all of the legal ins and outs of bat removal, and teach you the same.

Little Brown Bat
Little Brown Bat

Bats Are Protected

The Endangered Species Act gives bats squatters' rights in your attic until they can be successfully and humanely removed. You cannot legally harass, entrap, harm, or kill bats since this legislature was passed. There are plenty of reasons why bats are protected, unfortunately none of them help with your pest problem.

The Benefits of Bats

Bats have a firm place in the ecosystem. They were here in the United States long before this land was settled and developed by European countries, and they have been eating and living in this land through our invasion of their neighborhoods for hundres of years. As such, they have long since been adapted to the cuisine of this region, and eat pests like mosquitoes and house flies that are a nuisance to humans.

Get Rid of Bats Without Extermination

So if you can't kill bats, how do you get rid of them? Honestly, a lot of hard work and a process called exclusion. Your can read more about this topic in the article series on this Web site. You'll first start with a bat inspection to determine how the bats are moving in and out of your house, where their nest is, and roughly how many bats are in the colony. Once this is complete, you can proceed with a legal and humane live exclusion of bats from your attic and/or home.

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