How to Clean Bat Guano

What Does Bat Poop Look Like?

That's a good, albeit disgusting question. Lucky for you, we have some pictures to help you identify the type of animal waste that you've found in your attic. We know this is a dirty business, and that your health and safety are most important, so please take great care if you go near any bat feces in order to prevent disease and illness.

bat feces and urine
bat urine and feces

How Did I Get Bat Guano in My Attic?

You probably have bats. You might've just had bats, if you're lucky, but most people aren't. In this case, you need to hire a professional service that does wildlife control to remove your bat infestation from your attic. Once this is done, and all points of entry to your attic are sealed off, you can begin sanitation. Most wildlife removal companies do this for you. If you've done the exclusion yourself, then this article will have some good advice on how to properly clean your attic and remove bat guano.

Solid Bat Waste Removal

Heavy gear and masks are essential to our techs staying healthy while performing this dirty deed. Your skin should not come into contact with bat feces or urine while you are remove solid waste. Keep in mind that bats waste soaks into insulation and drywall inside of your attic while you remove what you are able to shovel or scoop. Also note that this waste must be disposed of properly in order to comply with federal, state, and county regulations, as well as to not attract other wildlife.

bat feces and urine cleanup
bat urine and feces cleanup

Cleaning Up Bat Urine

Bat urine in your attic will have dried long before you enter the attic space to clean up once the exclusion is complete. Bat urine has a strong odor, and you'll be able to locate the source of the stench quite easily. Attic insulation is a prime target for this liquid waste, as well as guano. Once bat poop has made its home in a space, it's difficult to entirely sanitize. You may end up replacing drywall or plaster as well as insulation.

Repairing Damage from Bat Guano

Our most common service to perform after exclusions is the replacing of insulation. We've seen it all, for the sake of you and your family's health, we recommend replacing all areas affected by bat feces and urine. We use antimicrobial spray to clean the air and surfaces after disposing of all bat waste, and that doesn't completely disinfect the entire area of the waste has permeated it completely. If your local bat removal specialist recommends replacing drywall or other components as part of a full-service bat removal, listen to what he has to say regarding any health hazards associated with bat guano.

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