Instructions for Other Wildlife Operators

Professional Bat Removal Services

If you are going to remove bats from residential or commercial properties, you should be licensed and insured to operate in that state, county, city, or all three. Our customers tell us horror stories about wildlife removal service companies that claim to removal any wildlife but are not licensed or trained to handle bats.

exclude bats from attic vents
Exclude bats from vents

Bat Removal & Exclusion

It's important to know the law and have the correct paperwork on file before you do any bat removal. Moreso than that, you need to know what methods are acceptable for bat removal and exclusion, and what type of species you are dealing with. Certain species can only be removed during a specific set of months each year in order to allow it to reproduce unencumbered.

Exterminating or Killing Bats

This is extremely unlawful. Never get yourself in a situation where you are using kill traps, glue-based traps, or shooting bats. In the united states it is a punishable offense that can cost you up to $3,500. And that is for one bat ONLY. If you kill more than one bat, you can face charges up to $13,000. The fines for harassing, hunting or wounding bats is outlandish as well, with fines from $500 to $2,000. A trained wildlife service professional will know about the Endagered Species Act and abide by the rules for bats, period.

Bat Trapping

Trapping bats is a waste of time. A colony has many bats, and there just aren't enough hours in the day to trap a bat, empty it, and set it again. It's not realistic and can be cruel to the bat if they get caught in the trap mechanism or don't get let out within one day. Any wildlife service worth its salt will perform a live exclusion to remove the bats from the customer's property. This ensures that the bats are not harmed, and that they are all completely removed from the property.

inspect the insulation for bat poop
Inspect the insulation for bat poop

Damage Repair and Insulation Replacement

Insulation replacement is a must when you have a colony of bats in a customer's attic. It's not likely that they haven't pooped on just about every bit of insulation near their nest, and if they have, it's probably seeped down into the drywall or plaster underneath. This is a serious health hazard for customers and should be addressed immediately. Most customers don't want the added cost of repairs with trapping, but if they are serious about their family's health, they will need to do this themselves or allow you to.

Why Should Anyone Hire a Professional?

Our customers rely on us to not only remove the bats, but educate them, fix any damage, and make their home a safe place to live again. It's important that you teach them about bats so that they will make the right decisions regarding repairs and preventing future wildlife removal needs.

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