Bat Poison

Eliminating Bats With Poison

bat repellent and poison
bat repellent and poison

DDT and other pesticides are not legal to use on bats. Consumers call us asking if we can fumigate attics and we have to tell them that it is against the law. Many consumers ask for this service not knowing the law and how inhumane it is to kill these creatures. We educate them on the law and that exclusion is the right way to go to solve their bat problems.

Why Using Toxins on Bats is Illegal

Bats are a protected species by the Endangered Species Act. Bats are helpful creatures, eating insects that are pests in your home and in your outdoor space. Bats can eat north of 500 mosquitoes a day and help keep your barbecue area bite-free. Imagine how many mosquitoes we would have on our patios and pool decks if we didn't have bats! While a nuisance in our home, with the potential to cost thousands of dollars worth of damage, they are invaluable to our ecosystem.

Bat Repellents and Other Fumigants

Bat Repellent is myth that fools many consumers a day in this industry. Sporting goods retailers, home improvement stores, and hardware outlets may carry this product, but it is not proven to work. Especially if you have an entire colony making its nest under your roof. Avoid being scammed by a bunk product and hire a professional to conduct a live exclusion ASAP. There's nothing worse in this industry than having your customer tell you they can handle the job themselves with these phony products when you provide a quote.

bat repellent sound machines
bat sound repellent

Audio or Visual Bat Repellents

I've heard stories from customers telling me they planned to get rid of the bats with light or sound machines, but it just didn't work. It's a crime that retailers are peddling these poor products that don't get the job done.

Lights for Bat Removal

A customer recently told me he set up floodlights in his attic to try to drown the bats in light to get rid of them. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of shadows for them to hide in. Worse yet, they'll burrow into the insulation and make their nest there, generating more feces and filth and ruining your insulation. Insulation isn't inexpensive, and it is an abosolute must to replace any soiled insulation after bats have been removed, for the health and safety of your family and house guests. Not only is this a bad way to remove bats, it can also be considered harassment of a protected species, which is illegal.

Sound and Ultrasonic Machines

This is another myth and a retail scam. Sound will not remove the bats, and will either fail completely to produce a response from the bats, or be deemed harassment, with a hefty fine. Any noise that is loud enough to harm a bat will most likely cause you discomfort as well if it is at a lower frequency than 20,000 Hz.

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