Bee Control

Bee control experts across the country identify bee species and execute the proper removal and extermination techniques to handle bee problems. It is important to know what type of bees you are dealing with before you being a bee removal, hive extraction, or try to exterminate a group of bees.

bees from africa
bees from the african bee family

Identifying Bees

Common bees in the unit states are the Africanized Bee and the Western Bee (European Honey Bee). They are both at opposite ends of the aggression spectrum, and misidentifying these bees can prove fatal. This is why homeowners should call an expert bee removal specialist to help them tackle their bee problems inside and outside of their homes.

Honeycomb and Hive Removal

This should be handled only by experts with the proper protective gear and training by experts. Novice beekeepers and even professionals can be stung or injured in the line of work involving bees. Do not attempt to remove honey combs and hives yourself. Save yourself from harm and any danger by hiring a professional service to remove the bees, the hives, andy combs, and sanitize the area.

Repairs After Hives Are Removed

Hives and combs can spread honey throughout drywall, insulation, wiring, and much more inside the walls of a home. These components will need to be replaced to avoid drawing insects and other animals into the area, as well as from preventing the proper function of the components.

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