Honey Comb and Bee Hive Removal

We field questions every day regarding bee removal and the removal of hives and honey combs. Here are some questions about bees, honey combs, and bee hive removal.

hive and bees
hive and bees

Why is Honey Comb Removal Necessary?

Removing the combs will not only mean the removal of the bees, but it will also prevent any other animals from seeking out the combs and causing more damage to your home.

Can Honey Bees Cause Damage To My Home?

The bees themselves, not likely. The honey? Surprisingly, yes. Honey can easily damage drywall and cause even more costly home repairs.

Can Honey Bees Be Dangerous to My Family?

Many people in the United States are allergic to bees and can have severe reactions to bee stings. Great care should be taken to remove bees if you are allergic or members of your family are allergice to bees.

Is the Buzzing in my Walls Bees?

Nope, someone is playing a joke on you and hid a speaker in there. I'm kidding. It could be bees, but our techs won't know for sure without an inspection. Give us a call today.

Do Bees Always Make Honey Combs?

Honey bees will almost always turn the hives into combs. COmbs can grow up to a foot in size per year, so don't delay in contacting a bee removal specialist.

Can I Leave a Honey Comb in the Wall?

Absolutely not. This is a horrible idea and will welcome more bees or other species of animals that are attracted to bees. Get rid of the comb when you remove the bees.

Are Noises in My Attic Bees or a Beehive?

Maybe so. You'll need to have the attic inspected by pofessionals who remove bees in order to find this out.

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