Bee Removal vs. Bee Extermination

Bee Removal

Bee removal requires the work of experts with the proper tools safety gear. Removing bees is hard work and will only bee successful if the combs are removed as well. Combs must be removed from the walls of a home if they are insiude of the drywall and insulation or the bees can find their way back to the hive, new bees can move in, or wild animals can find the combs and destroy parts of your homes to get at them.

bee hive
bee hive

Bee Extermination

Bee extermination is the the flat out killing or poisoning of bees with pesticides. Some peticides target the beez indicivudally, while others are passed from bee to bee to infect the entire hive. Either way, textermination is usually used as a last resort on these creatures in recent years. A disorder called Colony Collapse Disorder has caused a worldwide decline in bee population that some researchers speculate can cause major problems wordwide.

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