Get Rid of Canadian Geese

So you've got a goose problem. Or maybe a geese problem. Either way, this is not Mother Goose and it's not as fascinating as watching geese migrate in formation across the sky for a southern winter. In places where the weather does not change more than 50 degrees throughout the year, some of these geese may even skip the migration and hang out with you. Their waste is immense and is cause for health concerns, just like any other nuisance wildlife species, and Canadian geese can even destroy lakes by overeating grasses and scaring away life that helps maintain the ecosystem.

loud canadian goose
loud canadian goose

Solve Your Goose Problem Before it Starts

Don't feed the geese. Just don't. Don't let your neighbors do it either. There is plenty of food in the wild for them, and even the most naturally made gluten-free 300-grain bread is not part of their natural diet or a perfectly-balanced goose breakfast.

Herding Geese

It is possible to herd geese during the times of year when they do not or cannot fly. Dogs have been used to herd geese, but a scary human works too. Loud noises and bright lights can help you scatter them, but setting up moveable fences and pens is something a goose expert can do within an hour or so. These birds can be removed in certain places and actually sent off to live on a farm, unlike your childhood goldfish.

canadian geese
canadian geese

Nest Addling (tampering)

This is a pretty sad state of affairs to resort to nest addling, but in most places it is okay to do and will discourage the reproduction of the nuisance geese. Once eggs are tampered with by humans, most of them will not hatch due to lack of fertilization or incubation by the mother goose (not that Mother Goose). This can be done by coating an egg in vegetable oil to prevent oxygen from reaching the baby geese.

Scare Tactics

While usually considered highly ineffective, some cases show that regular frightening of geese will discourage them from entering your property. A large dog or other perceived predator may keep the geese at bay in your lawn, but this may develop into a neighborhood problem if you are only using harassment techniques. Consider callign a professional if all other methods are exhausted, or seem too exahusting.

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