Get Birds out of the House

If you have birds in your house (not domesticated pet birds, mind you), they're probably in your attic, garage, porch, or storage space. In any case, they've settle far enough away from you that they've gone unnoticed for a while, but now that their numbers have grown, their presence is known. So, what do you do?

damage where pigeons can enter the roof
damage where pigeons can enter the roof

Bird Inspection

Set about inspecting your property for signs of damage or poor repair. Those birds didn't walk in through the front door, so get creative. If you are well enough to get on a ladder, do so and check your roofline and the vents on top. Take a peak in the attic and see if you can see daylight coming through anywhere it shouldn't be. You'll likely find their point of entry, but sealing it up won't do the trick. You'll have dead birds in no time, and most likely house flies or maggots crawling around in their carcasses. This is, in fact, worse than your bird problem, so don't do that. Keep reading this guide to find out what you should do.

Begin Planning a Bird Exclusion

If your bird problem is stemming from damaged eaves, fascia board, roof panels, or attic vents, you can utilize and exclusion device to funnel out birds, while diabling them from coming back in. Take for instance the example of the damaged fascia board. A technician can put together a steel mesh tube that protrudes perpendicularly from the building, and makes a sharp right angle to about 8 or ten inches off the ground. Birds can exit the attic in this manner, climbing along to the drop off point and falling the rest of the way.

The bird brain was not meant to solve critically or analytically, so this bird will try to re-enter the attic near the fascia board again, only to have it blocked by the exclusion device that is protruding from the hole. Even if the bird investivates this mysterious material and locates the hole it once escaped through at the bottom, gravity will keep the bird from flying up into it enough to grab on and climb its way back up.

Why Exclusion Works Best for Birds

In this line of work, conservation of animals is a big part of what we do. We are not exterminators like the professionals you hire for insect removal. Insects have no practival purpose to serve inside the home, and are literally impossible to exclude. Live animals, however, respond quickly to exclusion methods and can be removed without killing them, preserving the species, however much a nuisance they may be.

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