How to Get Rid of Birds

Birds are certainly a pain in the tail feathers, and both the amount of feces and bacteria that they bring into the home mean they have to go, and fast. Keep reading this guide to find out humane ways of dealing with your bird problem that are both legal in all fifty states of the U.S. and will not harm the birds.

Live Trapping

Live trapping is suitable for a small number of birds in an enclosed space. Birds are highly afraid of people and will most likely take off as soon as the trap is opened without harming you. Always wear protective gear that covers the eyes, face, arms, legs, chest, and feet when you do so to prevent unexpected injury from an aggressive species. Again, live trapping is great for only a few birds.

Live Exclusion of Birds

Live exclusion is the bread and butter of wildlife removal services. Live exclusion means bypassing local laws regarding extermination, trapping, and manual extraction of a wildlife species deemed a nuisance.

How to Exclude Birds

Birds can be easily excluded with one-way doors, netting, and a little creativity. Take for instance a case study of birds that have settled inside the attic of a home. The homeowner has neglected a damaged attic vent mounted on the rear eave of his home, and it's made a perfect door for these birds to come and go as they please. In this case, tehnicians would fashion a bird funnel or a one-way bird tunnel out of steel mesh, so that the birds are able to leave their new home, but cannot find their way back in.

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