Diseases from Pigeon Droppings

If the smell and sight of pigeon droppings isn't enough cause for concern, consider the health risks posed by leaving pigeon droppings in place for a long time, and how they can affect the quality of air in and around your home, as well as draw insectes and other wildlife in to that space. Any scenario is highly volatile and will require professional wildlife removal and cleanup teams to properly sanitize, and possibly repair and replace affect areas.

pigeon poop carries diseases
pigeon poop carries diseases


Fungus from pigeon droppings can cause the lung affliction histoplasmosis. While this disease is completely treatable in this day and age, the symptoms are pretty awful and can last beyond the removal of the feces that caused them, in some extreme cases. Symptoms of histoplasmosis are similar to the flue, with high fever, achiness, fatigue, and pains throughout the chest and head. Seek immediate medical attention if these symptoms manifest as a result of exposure to any type of animal feces, including pigeons and other birds.


This disease is potentially fatal and can be acquired by inhaling the fungus left behind in–you guessed it– pigeon poop. This disease can affect and be fatal to the elderly, whose immune systems may not be as strong, or anyone with an immune deficiency disorder like AIDS. This disease is uncommon overall for pigeon infestation and largely affects the two groups mentioned before. However, open wounds can provide a place for this bacteria to enter the body, so full protective gear is a must. Our technicians are covered head to toe for pigeon droppings cleanup for this very reason.


Known coloquially as "parrot fever," this zoonotic infectious disease is caused by contact with the feces of many birds, including some that are domesticated. Humans afflicted with this disease can experience pneumonia-like symptoms at the start, and begin the excruciating pain and uncontrollable bodily functions associated with typhoid fever. While some symptoms overlap with Crytococcosis neighbor Meningitis, this is a completely different disease. If you present similar symptoms, advise your doctor of exposure to bird feces so that they can properly diagnose you.

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