How To Remove Dead Rats From The House

Rats are a nuisance wildlife animal that in large numbers can become unmanagable very quickly. Most homeowners use rat snap traps that kill rats when they are triggered. Once triggered, they will need to remove these rats quickly to prevent smells. On occasion, rats have difficulty finding food in a home, and will die of starvation. You'll notice a smell and find them behind appliances or shelving units, and need to remove these rats quickly as well.

Removing Dead Rats in Traps

animal carcass
decomposing animal

Dead rats caught in traps will be easy to find, since you most likely set the traps. Dead animals bring bugs and attract other animals, so it's a good idea to check your traps more than once daily. If you don't you'll end up with dead animal smells in your home.

Locating Dead Rats in the Attic or Living Space

The highest concentration of odor in the pace will elad you to the dead rats, and you will need to follow the proper safety procedures to remove the carcasses safely. If they were not trapped, the carcass may have been there for some time without you noticing it, and both bodily fluids and feces may be in this area as well. Wear face and eye protection, as well as use waterproof gloves and long sleeved clothing during removal of dead rat carcasses.

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