How to Remove Dead Animals from the Attic

Possums and other animals find their way into our attics and either fall down walls, or die in the attic space. The attic space connects almost every part of your home to the other parts of your home, so this smell can apparently come from everywhere. If the animal has died near or inside a punctured air duct, the odor could be coming through the air conditioning system, as well as the bacteria from the decomposing animal.

Finding Dead Animals in the Attic

Dead animals aren't usually hard to find in the attic, either by the smell, the bugs, or they are in plain sight. Eventually you will come across the carcass and need to dispose of it immediately to prevent the spread of germs and the invitation for other household pests to hang around.

animal carcass
decomposing animal

Protective Gear for Removing a Dead Animal

Wear full-body pretective clothing, as well as an air filtering mask and eye protection to remove a dead animal from the attic. If you have a large amount of flies aroudn the carcass, consider using some glue traps or a homemade fly funnel to contain them while you remove the carcass.

Disposing of a Dead Animal Carcass

Double bag this dead animal and dispose of it according to laws in your county. Do not toss it by the side of the road, in the yard, or in a wooded area near you unless you want to welcome scavenging animals into the area.

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