How to Get Rid of Dead Animals in Vents and Ducts

Dead animals in air ducts and vents can seriously decrease the air quality inside the apartment and cause potential health hazards. More than likely the contaminated vents are circulating dangerous bacteria and will need to be properly cleaned to prevent sickness.

How Professionals Remove Dead Animals from Ducts

In order to inspect air vents and HVAC ducts, professional services companies will use telescopic or remote cameras to traverse the ducts and locate the dead animal carcass. Once it is found, long vaccuum tubes can be used to hault the carcass and other debris out of the duct. Checmicals will be used to clean the area and deoderize the air so that the air conditioning system is safe to use again.

animal carcass lodged in attic vent
decomposing animals can stink up attic vents

Damaged or Contaminated Ducts and Vents

When you cannot decontaminate a vent or AC duct, or it is beyond repair, it will need to be replaced with new materials for your safety and the safety of your family. Occasionally homes that have not been lived in for some time will occasionally have animals that get stuck in an HVAC vent and die. If they remain their long enough, high temperatures can speed up the decomposition process, and the bodily fluids can permanently damage an HVAC dubt.

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