How to Get Rid of Dead Animals in Walls

Animals that find their ways into the walls of your homes will likely die there. after decomposition begins, there will be a strong odor that develops and lingers until the carcass is removed. Nearly every case of dead animals in the walls is different, and will require a different solution in order to remove the carcass, odor, and restore the air quality in the home.

Locating Animal Carcasses in the Walls of the Home

After putton safety gear that includes mouth and eye protection, long sleeves, and waterproof gloves, climb into the attic if you are well enough to do so. Once there, follow the odor and or insects to find the wall where the dead animal was trapped and is dcomposing.

animal carcass lodged in wall will attract flies
dead animals in the walls attract numerous hosue flies

After crafting a plan to remove the animal and safely relocate it to sealable disposal bags, you can begin to do so. It may take a long pole or a net to fish the creature out, but once its done and you have sealed the carcass in plastic bags, you can begin to clean the area.

In some situations, in order to both remove the animal and to properly sanitize the area, technicians may need to cut a hole in the wall. After the animal has been removed and the area sanitized properly, the wall panel can be replaced and the hole patched good as new.

Dead Animal Carcass Cleanup in Walls

This part of the process is the most difficult and will require special tools in order to make sure that you care cleaning the area properly, removing any insulation or drywall saturated with feces or other bodily fluids and solids, and replacing them with fresh components.

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