How to Catch a Possum

Animal trapping has been a practice of humans for thousands of years, with the goal of killing and eating the captured critter. This is not the case with possums unless you are keen on this type of fare. Personally, I'd prefer a nice steak. Anyway, trapping possums is something we do nowadays to rid ourselves of the nuisances they create in our homes and yards.

trapped animal possum
trapped possum animal

What is a Possum or Opossum?

Possums are the only marsupial that survives and thrives in North America. They like to make little homes for themselves among the trees and underneath man-made structures like decks, sheds, and mobile homes. Like moles and gophers, they can tunnel and dig enough if left along to seriously undermine the safety of structures like decks and patios, and even the foundation of your home. If you have a possum problem, you might have a bigger problem coming your way. It's best to deal with possum infestation quickly and with the proper tools and techniques.

Techniques for Catching Possums

Store-bought traps work the best on these little creatures. Bait the traps and and set them according to laws in your area. Try not to trap during the maiting and maternity season for these animals so as not to separate babies from mothers. This is inhumane and will result in dead baby possums that cause horrible odors and will need to be professionaly removed and cleaned up after. Fish and apples are great bait for these critters, and your chances of success will increase of you spread the scent of the bait in and around the trap.

Catching Possums with Exclusion

You can utilize exclusion techniques in tandem with traps remove possums from underneath your deck, patio, or shed. You can do this by sealing the area around the shed or deck with steel mesh except for one small area. Build a hallway or back the trap up to that opening and allow the possums to enter and become entrapped. Once all the possums are in the trap, remove it and finish sealing the area with steel mesh. No more possums now, or ever.

killing possums is inhumane
don't shoot possums!

Kill Traps and Lethal Tactics

Possum hunting may be legal in your area, and may be used by some homeowners to remove possums from their home. Keep in mind that relocation and exclusion leaves a far less mess to clean up, and that if your marksmanship is not deadly on the first attempt, you risk the animal escaping and dying somewhere you don't want it to, like under your house, in your basement, or inside your garage. Wounded animals are suprisingly resourceful in finding places to die in quiet dignity and eventually sink to high heaven.

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