Possum Damage Photos

Possums can cause damage to your home, lawn, and garden if they are infesting your property. In the case of possums in your attic, they will do what all other animals that make a home in your attic do: leave excrement everywhere. Possum poop is by far worse to clean up and make repairs for than any scratching they may do inside your home.

possum poop causes thousands of dollars in home repairs
possum poop is extremely damaging

Possum Poop Damage

Insulation used to help trap in cool or warm air in your attic will be a prime target for possum feces. They leave their mess everywhere, and both the feces and the the urine usually can't be cleaned by ordinary methods. Bleach solutions can only do so much for surfaces like drywall that are permeable, this will need to be replaced if it is saturated. Saturated ceiling panels nad insulation can cause horrifying brown and yellow stains on your ceiling that should not simply be painted over.

Sanitation of Possum Excrement

As mentioned before, a bleach solution can be used on some surfaces to clean possum excrement, and some parts of your home will simply need to be replaced entirely to ensure the health and safety of you and your family. The insides of air ducts can be cleaned with the bleach solution but chances are that this will need to be replaced as well. Bleach solution can be used on tile floors, air vent fixtures, the exteriors of metal pipes, and any non-porous surface that has come into contact with possum feces. Our technicians use antimicrobial sprays with industrial machines to sanitize the air around the possum poop damage as well to return the quality of air in the attic. Don't take any chances when it comes to possum feces in the attic.

Possum Damage to Lawns & Gardens

Possums are diggers and will uproot turf and any plants you have growing in the ground if it suits them. Making sure that you have a wooden or plastic fence with no openings will help discourage possums from entering your yard and wreaking havoc. Close your gates when you are not using them and place pavers along the inside of your gates to keep possums from digging underneath them.

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