Killing a Possum

don't shoot a possum if you can avoid it
don't shoot possums

Using a Kill Trap for Possums

In most places, kill traps require a license to operate, and must end the life of the possum humanely. Any prolonging of the death of these creatures or torture of any kind can come with a hefty fine or suspension of your license to operate a wildlife removal serivce. Conversely, live traps are generally acceptable for the trapping and removal of possums or opossums, but the lawas regarding the release of trapped animals can be very complicated, and wildly different from state to state. Be sure to check your local area before operating either of these types of traps.

Humane Extermination of Possums

Most states include in their laws about animal extermination that the animal must be killed without prolonged suffering, torture, or otherwise inhumane treatment. This is fairly cut and dry, and cases where individuals are caught and fined for this grotesque behavior are few and far between. If you suspect that a wildlife operator or individual is treating wildlife cruelly in your area, contact law enforcement.

Ways To Kill a Possum Humanely

For many years, small-caliber weapons have been a mainstay of homeowners for killing household pest critters like snakes, racoons, squirrels, possums, and armadillos. A single shot to the cranium is considered humane by most states and will end the live of these creatures in a few seconds.

possum trappign by a professional
trapping possums is the way to go

Poisons from antifreeze and other industrial chemicals is not considered humane. Before the death of creatures who ingest industrial chemicals, they can experience seizures and organ failure that is both painful and unnecessary. Do not use unapproved chemicals for eliminating any nuisance wildlife around your home. If you are unsure, don't use it.

Alternatives to Killing Possums

You don't have to kill possums. They are naturally nomadic creatures and will travel from yard to yard unless you have a garden or flower bed that they are attracted to. In either case, a live trapping and taking the proper steps to possum-proof your yard and garden area are much better than taking the life of this helpless animal. These animals are very unlikely to enter your home or harm your children. Think about your options before you shoot or use a kill trap on a possum.

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