How to Remove Possums in the Basement

Possums like the dark and the cool dry air of the basement. If you have an unfinished basement, you may not use it often and not notice signs of damage or disrepair that allow possums to get in. Aging seals around basement windows, basement vents that are bent or rusted through, or cellar entrances that are not properly closed can invite these little guys into your cozy basement. As long as they can exit to feed or mate and return, they are happy to use your basement for as long as you let them.

possum falls into window well and get rescued
possums aren't smart and don't see well so they fall into window wells a lot and need a rescue

Possum in the Window Well

Window wells are a great way to prevent basement flooding during heavy snow and rain, but if you do not use a window well cover or it has been compromised, possums can fall in there and ultimately die if they can't get in through the basement window. If you have possums in your window well you can remove them with a grabbing tool, or slide a board in at an angle and allow them to climb up on their own.

Basement Dwelling Possums

While possums may be doing you a service by eating all manner of creepy crawlies and rodents in your basement, they're probably not keeping the area tidy. They will make their homes and a mess of urine and fecees behind appliances, furniture, and stored items in the basement. If you have a rat problem, you might have a rodent problem too. Eliminate their food source to help drive them out, but be sure to check the rat traps often.

use live traps instead of kill traps
trap your possums, don't kill them

Trapping Basement Possums

Use live traps to remove the possums from your basement. After you have sealed their entry points, it is safe to release them. Be mindful of loca regulations regarding where you can release possums, and when it is open season to trap them. In some places you can even exterminate them, but this will be determined by locally applying federal, state, and county agency regulatory commissions.

Exterior Repairs

Inspect the property near basement entrances and exposed basement upper walls. The possum or possums will likely be using a hole or entry point near the ground level to make come and go as they please from your living, storage, or utility space.

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