Possums in the House

For all the resilience and tenacity of a possum, they still love the comforts of a nice human home and will move in if given the opportunity. The most common reasons for any wildlife to enter the home of a human would be to reproduce or give birth, or because there is a steady food source. Most animals are accustomed to inclimate weather and act accordingly.


Cut Off the Food Sources

Pet food, garbage, and gardens fruits and veggies are a feast for possums. Do well to keep your garden maintained and harvested. Trim low hanging branches of your fruit tree and remove fruit from the ground underneath the trees. Secure pet food left out in a screened in porch and try not to use dog or cat doors for your pets.

Do Some Home Repair and Enhancement

Whether your home is in need of some patching up, or you have a newly built home, there are likely ways that possums can enter your property and get inside the living or storage space (attic). Use silicon or polyurethane foam to mend cracks and openings on the exterior, and install steel mesh over vents and spaces that need to have air flow.

Lawn Maintenance Keeps Possums Away

attic space
attic space with no possums

Don't keep a compost pile. use a compost box and give it a lid that can be shut completely. Remove any trimmings or brush from your property and make sure there are no areas of high grass. Wood piles should be kept inside a a steel mesh container with a locking or latching lid. If possible, do not elevate your shed on bricks or pavers. Lay down a concrete pad on a raised section of the lawn and build your shed on top to prevent possums from digging underneath.

Inspect and Exclude Possums in the Attic

Find where the possums are in your attic with an inspection, and locate their points of entry. use netting to exclude them from parts of the attic where they are not currently residing. Slowly decrease the amount of space they have and install a one-way door using steel mesh or poly netting over the point of entry.

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