Possum Problems

Possums can cause a number of problems in and around the house. They can have negative effects on the exterior of your home, the interior attic and living space, cause problems for your pets, and contribute to household pest extermination needs.

Possums and Garbage Cans

Possums are scavengers are will eat any food that is readily available. Common household waste can include food possums will pilfer out in nature, and their odor, even when decomposing, can attract possums. Discarded fruit rinds, whole pieces of fruit, meat, and fatty foods are all digestible by possums and they will go to town on it. Prevent possums from lingering around by cleaning the insides of your garbage cans, throwing away bagged trash only that is tied tightly at the top, and using a garbage can with a tightly latching lid.

Dead Possums on your Lawn and Property

Possums die for a number of reasons, including ingesting harmful chemicals, natural causes, disease, and being killed by larger predatory wildlife. If you have discovered a dead possum onyour property and it is outside, this is easy to manage. According to local rules for disposal of animal carcasses, you can remove the carcass and avoid scavenging by other larger wildlife.

large dead possum eaten by baby vulture
large dead possum eaten by baby vulture

Dead possums can pose a health concern to animals, children, and adults who use the yard. Removing the dead possum as quickly as possible can help prevent the speard of disease, including rabies and leptospirosis.

Dead Possums in the Walls

Possums found in the walls of homes that are deceased pose similar concerns to those that die in the lawn or other areas of the property. However, possum bacteria can be introduced into the air system inside your home if they die inside, which can cause the spread of the bacteria to occur much more quickly. In the interest of the safety of you and your house guests, get rid of dead possums in the walls as soon as possible.

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