Possum Repellents

Possum repellent and other products like this can be found at home supply stores and the local harware store. It may be in spray form or a liquid, or granules/pellets. Let me tell you why you shouldn't buy this product or any consumer-grade product that guarantees to solve your wildlife control problem, especially with possums.

Possum Repellent Sprays

Disregarding the fact that our company and many other service providers would be out of a job if this stuff worked, consider the idea for a moment that it even has limited success. If it worked to repel possums for a day even, you'd be at this work morning and night, would have to reapply it when it rains. Furthermore, introducing strange chemicals to your garden or lawn can throw off the pH of the soil and ruin your grass or vegetable patch.

don't use possum repellent spray
possum repellent spray doesn't work

Possum Repellent Granules

Don't waste money on solid-form possum repellents either, for many of the same reasons listed above about liquid or spray possum repellents. a stark difference is going to be the concern that household pets or small children may consume the granules before they disperse into the ground.

Alternatives to Possum Repellent

Live exclusion is the method of wildlife removal that is most recommended by the wildlife control industry, and is not only the most humane when dealing with possums, but also the most efficient and effective.

Live Possum Exclusion Tips

Read our in-depth articles about wildlife exclusion for more helpful tips on exclusion. Exclusion works by sealing out possums as they exit to feed or mate, disallowing them front re-entering the space they were once inhabiting. Sounds tricky, right? Well, it takes some skill and watchful observation of the possums' habits to do properly. Trust me, unlike possum repellents and wildlife dterring noise machines, etc., exclusion works and saves you time and money.

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