Rat Repellent

If you are in the wildlife removal and animal control industry, you'll be familiar with customers telling you that the products that they bought at the home improvement store to get rid of their rat problem just didn't work. Rat repellent, and other products like it, are not effective and will not solve your rat problem. The only way to properly handle a rat is to set traps to catch and kill the rat. In this article we'll talk about the different types of rat repellent products on the consumer market, and why they won't work.

Rat Repellent Fumigants

There is no certified rat spray or rat bomb that will make rats leave your home, or prevent them from entering your home. Rats are extremely resourceful and will almost always find a way inside if they want to. Rat sprays used around the exterior of your home or rats bombs in aerosol cans will have zero effect on your rat infestation or in keeping rodents and other rat-like creatures from entering the living spaces of your property. While pesticides used outside or inside in this manner are extremely effective at eliminating insect pests, it is best to save your money and hire a professional to assist you in trapping, removing, cleaning, and repairing after a rat infestation has occured.

Rat repellents don't work very well

Rat Repellent Pellets and Granules

Similar to the type of granules that you would use outside to eliminate fire ants in your yard, wildlife control granules are usually sold in a plastic container at your local home inprovement or hardware store. While these products may seem to be good value, they are highly unlikely to solve the problems of homeowners with wildlife infestations. Even if these products did in fact work, spreading granules around your yard would encourage the animals invading your home to stay there, or flock to your home where the granules are not "repelling" them.

Pellets have been used with extremely limited success on these creatures. In a small enclosed area, wildlife control pellets containing the moth ball chemical napthalene have proven to be repulsive to small nuisance animals. However, in practice, it would take literally tons of these pellets to fill and protect an entire attic from the infestation of rats, rodents, raccoons, bats, and other outdoor creatures. Disregarding the monetary cost of this enormous amount of mothballs, the health risk of placing that much napthalene above your head would be deadly to you and your family. Don't be roped in by pest control repellent pellets–they don't work and won't solve your problem.

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