How to Get Rid of Skunks

The best way to get rid of skunks that roam through your yard is to install exclusion materials around your home to discourage them from making a home on the property. Unlike most other nuisance wildlife species, they aren't very interested at the interior living space or attics, but like to settle in dark, damp areas like the crawlspace under the porch or patio, and underneath sheds, mobile homes, and other structures on your property.

Image of a skunk
Skunk in the yard

Excluding Skunks

Watch closely for signs of skunks in your yard and try to pinpoint where they are sleeping and eating. Do not get near the skunk because I can almost guarantee it will spray you. Then you can proceed to use different measures to exclude the skunks and get rid of places for them to hide.

Tracking Skunks on Your Property

Try to track it during the daylight hours. At night you may suprise it and get a whiff of something you weren't bargaining for. Keep your pets inside and use binoculars to keep a safe distance. Anywhere the skunk goes, make a note of it and if it looks like they are sleeping there or looking for food.

Image of steel mesh
Steel exclusion mesh

Purchase Skunk Exclusion Materials

You will need some strong materials to do this job, so purchase metal screws, rust-free staples, some lumber, and steel mesh. If you are going for a better-looking asthetic, you can use the woven trellis materials to exclude the skunks. Keep in mind this material will allow smaller creatures like mice and rats to move freely in and out of the space. If you want, you can install steel mesh directly behind more asthetically pleasing materials where they will be less noticable.

Start Making Repairs

Use the aformentioned materials to build barriers to skunks entering spaces underneath your home and other yard fixtures. Once this is complete, turn your attention toward the natural features of your lawn and patio area that may be havens for wildlife.

Lawn Maintenance for Exclusion of Skunks

Most creatures feel safe in tall grass where humans and other predators might not look. Piles of tree trimmings left on the property are equally appealing. Remove these from your property and dispose of them legally to keep nuisance wildlife from finding safe places to hide. Bring your firewood inside a screened in porch or build a firewood box from steel mesh and lumber to prevent critters from giving you a fright during the winter.

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