Skunks Stuck Down the Window Well

Skunks are clumsy animals and will get stuck in the window well of a home for a few different reasons. They may see something tasty to eat down there, or might be seeking the water in the reservoir, or might think it's a good place to hide. Either way, the skunk is trapped in your window well and needs to get out of there before it sprays your basement window and the interior of your window well.

Image of window well
All types of animals can fall down into a window well

What's a Window Well?

Those unfamiliar with basements and basement windows will not know what a window well is, or what it's purpose is. A window well provides much needed drainage around a subterranean basement window to prevent flooding from rain, snow, and flash floods. People construct these to allow natural light into the basements of their homes and provide ventilation.

Removing Skunks Stuck in the Window Well

Image of a skunk
Skunk in the yard

Sometimes the most elegant solution is also the most simple solution. If your window well is the right proprotions, you can position a plank of lumber to form a ramp for the little guy to crawl out of the window well and away from your basement window. Trained animal removal specialists may also snare the skunk at the end of a long pole, wait for it to spray, and then haul it out. Either option can go seriously awry if you do not know what you're doing. If you are unsure that you can do this without the skunk spraying, contact a wildlife management professional today.

Skunks Stuck in Other Places

Skunks can get themselves stuck in all kinds of places besides basement windo wells. Small spaces underneath sheds are common places to find a stuck skunk, and without doing the proper preparations to prevent a spraying, you can end up with a face full of the oily mess from the rear end of a skunk. IMPORTANT: If you are sprayed in the eyes or face seek immediate medical attention. Do not rinse with water. Ally eye drops to your eyes if possible and call poison control.

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