How to Get Rid of Snakes

Snakes are curious creatures that usually live solitary lives and go about things in their own way. Left alone, snakes could care less about humans because the ordinary snake in your yard will never grow large enough to consider you as food. Most snakes in the yard will pass through when they can't find food. However, if you want to take a proactive as opposed to a passive approach regarding snake removal, we have some tips for you to remove a single snake from your living space

Image of snake
Snake slithering

Snakes in the Garage

Yikes! You were just trying to do some laundry and now you're worried a snake is gonna come up and bite you. If the snake is close enough to an open doorway, grab a broom and slapshot that little guy out of your garage, Gretzky-style. Or you can calmly use the broom with small strokes at a time to encourage it to go through the doorway. In all seriousness, do not use a snake as a hockey puck. This will probably backfire and leave you with a nasty bite.

Snakes Inside the Home

Head over to the home supply store and grab yourself some box traps for snakes. These little box traps are very effective because they have scents inside of them that attract the snakes, and a glue trap in the bottom. Once trapped, the snake can be set free by pouring vegetable oil across the glue. This is a great humane way of getting rid of a single snake in your living space.

Image of snake
Snake slithering

Trapping Snakes by Hand

Popular vlogging sites like YouTube and Instagram show amatures catching live snakes in the home and in the wild using their bare hands. We can't condone this behavior or encourage it. However, if you are going to engage in this potentially dangerous behavior, wearing reinforced gloves may help in case the snake tries to bit you. Our trained technicians are able to wrangle snakes using their hands in combination with "snake tongs," or a specially designed grabbing device similar to what is used to pick up garbage on beaches and in parks. They have special pincers that can quickly and effective grab the snake behind its head where it is the safest to grasp them.

Hire a Professional

You can't go wrong hiring a licensed, trained professional to get rid of a snake inside the living space or attic of your home. Wildlife removal services hire experts and insure them against injury, making sure that you are not at risk or liable for personal injury. This is truly the smart play when dealing with venomous snakes, or multiple snakes in the home.

Image of snake trap
Snake trap

Exclude Snakes from Your Yard

Making sure snakes can't enter your yard is a big job, and only gets bigger the larger the perimeter of your property is. If you have a fence around the perimeter, and it is chain link, you're out of luck here. If you have a wooden fence, make sure that it is in good repair and that the bottom of the fence is partially buried in the soil. Don't leave any gates open and patch any holes or wide gaps between panels. This will keep the majority of snakes and other critters out of your yard. If you don't have anything for the snake to eat in your yard, they will likely pass on by.

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