Snakes in Swimming Pools

Snakes are found in swimming pools from time to time and must be handled appropriately. You can use a variety of methods to collect a snake from water and return it to a more hospitable environment. Snakes are not meant to live in chlorine water and may become restless or agitated by the chemicals used in pools. We wil ldiscuss how to remove snakes from pools and some common tips for keeping snakes out of the pool in this article.

Image of pool water
Snakes in the pool can harm your children

Catching a Snake in a Pool

While most homeowners may run for the skimmer net to remove a snake from a pool, a closely-knit fishing net may be more effective. Do not attempt to catch a snake in the pool with your bear hands, as snakes are even less proedictable in the water than they are on land. If the snake has been in the pool a long time, the chlorine may agitate its senses or inhibit their sense of smell, a way they use to help them determine threats and sense danger. A pair of snake tongs or a net that keeps you at distance from the snake is a good idea. Do not attempt to catch a snake in a pool unless you have the proper training and experience required.

Why Do Snakes Stay in the Pool?

Snakes are used to natural bodies of water that have banks and riverbeds that they are able to use to exit the water. Most pools have stairs, a ladder, or other method for getting out of the pool that is designed specifically for humans. Snakes can become trapped in the pool and agitated very easily by both the chlorine , and their inability to exit this watery trap. These snakes that end up in pools do not dive, so they find themselves exhausted often from keeping their heads above water to prevent from drowning. In this case, they may travel inside the pool filter and give you quite a fright.

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Snake slithering on pool deck

Keeping Snakes out of the Pool

Taking care to close doors to your pool enclosure is a must for keeping not only snakes, but other wildlife and outdoor nuisance animals from entering the area. If you have damaged screen or doors, repair them immediately to prevent critters from enjoying the shade and the cool water.

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