Do Mothballs Keep Snakes Away?

Mothballs and Snakes

Snakes won't willingly go near mothballs, but unless you fill a space entirely with mothballs, the snakes will skirt around them, much like other animals. Filling a space with mothballs can be a good way to deter these animals, but they are not a good solution because the amount of mothballs and nathalene required will be a hazard to humans. We'll go into some real-world solutions to ward off snakes in the sections below. Mothballs are not an effective way to deter snakes in the home or any space inhabited by humans.

Snake repellents don't work very well

Alternatives to Mothballs that Work

There is no match for proper exclusion methods, snake box traps, and professional snake removal in solving a snake problem in the home. While manufactures of so-called snake repellent may tout success, there are no documented cases of snake repellent products effectively removing and excluding snakes from your home. It's best to do the job the right way instead of relying on a quick fix that you've purchased from a hardware or home supply store.

Snake Exclusion the Right Way

Excluding snakes is as simple as eliminating possible food soruces and sealing up points of entry. Snakes have the ability to stretch and flatten themselves to travese cracks and other vulnerabilities exposed by damage to your home. Sealing up these points of entry will prevent snakes and other wildlife creatures from making their way into your living and storage spaces, effectively removing the food supply for snakes and their ability to make entry.

Box Traps for Snakes

Snake box traps are usually brightly colored, flat boxes that allow snakes to enter, and ensnare them in a glue trap. The glue is not harmful to the snakes and the adhesive can be neutralized to let the snakes free. Household vegetable oil does this quickly, effectively, and does not harm the snake or damage its skin.

Professional Wildlife Removal for Snakes

Trained snake hunters and catchers will be licensed, insured, and operate for a wildlife removal service in your area. They will have all the right tools to extract a snake without harming the animal, and without causing damage to your home. They may also recommend snake exclusion methods or be able to do the exclusion and repair work for you at a cost. If you are not the do-it-yourself type, these sdnake removal and exclusion experts will use expaning polyurethane foam, steel mesh, and other exclusion materials to properly seal your home and prevent snakes from entering in the future. See our directory of snake remvoal experts to find a local technician in your area today.

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