How to Trap a Snake

Trapping snakes is a very effective way to remove them from your home. There are all different types of traps you can use, and most will leave the snake alive when they are caught. There is danger associated with live trapping just about any animal, but as long as you don't repond aggressively to the snake, you can usually set it on its way without harm. If you are not a trained wildlife service professional, this is a tough task and is not recommended.

Image of snake trap
Snake trap

Box Traps for Snakes

Box traps are what they sound like–boxes that trap snakes. They are usually long and mostly flat, measuring about 18"x12"x3". Inside the trap is some bait for the snake and a glue pad to keep them stuck once they wriggle in. The glue doesn't harm the snake, but they can die of starvation in these traps. Be sure to check your traps often to prevent the unnecessary death of these creatures. Snakes often eat rats, house mice, and other small nuisance wildlife and help keep them out of our homes.

After you've caught yourself a snake in a box trap, you can set the snake free by pouring vegetable oil across the glue. This allows the snake to wriggle free and the oil is not toxic to the snake. If you, do this from a distance to ensure your safety. If not, don't make any sudden movements and don't become aggressive toward the snake.

Image of snake
Snake slithering

Minnow Traps

These traps have been around for decades and are extremely effective at capturing all kinds of wildlife, in and out of water. The minnow trap resembles the shape of two wire mesh garbage cans hooked together at the tops. Where the bottoms of the garbage cans would be are mesh funnels that point inward, allowing all maner of wildlife to enter through the hole. Most wildlife will not know what they've gotten themselves into and won't be able to escape through the entrance.

You can catch snakes with minnow traps by placing two farm fresh eggs inside. Store-bought eggs will have been washed, bleached, or sprayed with chemicals that will not be appetizing to the snake. Once inside the minnow trap, a snake will most likely try to guard the eggs. Use snake tongs to retrieve the snake from the open trap to avoid being bitten.

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