Bird Problems

So you say you've got bird problems. What kind of birds, and how do you deal with them? My guide to bird removal can teach you a few things about getting rid of these creatures from your home, attic, garage, outdoor storage, and outdoor living spaces. With a little research, hard work, and technical know-how, you can remove birds from your home and say goodbye to your bird problems forever.

Investigating Bird Infestation

It's important to know your enemy before you square off for battle. The bird is not a highyl evolved creature, but it will think of things you don't, because you don't have to. They worry about where they are going to get their next meal, finding a place to nest and reproduce away from predators, and how to weather the elements. When you think like a bird, you'll better understand its habits.

vultures opportunistic
vultures waiting for food

Checking for the Presence of Birds

Birds poop. A lot. Birds poop a lot everywhere too. If you are doing an inspection of your attic, look for feces. While they may not lead you to the birds immediately, it is important to know what you will need to clean up and sanitize in the near future once the exclusion is complete, or in some extreme cases, as you are doing the exclusion work.

Locate nests in the affected areas. For instance, an open screen porch may have beams that run crossways over its sides. You might find a nest hidden up in the corners, out of the elements and in semi-seclusion. Birds will often take to sheds with open windows or openings created from damage

Excluding Birds

Different bird species will have varying rules and guidelines for removal, trapping, and extermination, which depend upon your location. One method that bypasses all of these laws is exclusion. Read our articles about excluding birds for the most humane, efficient, and lasting bird removal solutions.

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