How to Keep Raccoons Away

Raccoons have entered your home and are living on your property for a reason. They have identified a nearby food source, and have found a good place to nest (your attic or garage). Raccoons are also fond of barns, sheds, and other similar structures. If you have recently gotten rid of raccoons or want to make sure that raccons don't make a home inside of your home, keep reading this article.

Image of garbage can
Raccoons love garbage cans full of rotting food

Secure Trash and Recycling

The biggest attraction for a raccoon is a garbage can. They love to pick through trash for food and are not likely to get sick from food that is even several days old. A sturdy garbage bin with a lid is highly recommended. If you have recycle bins, we recommend the kind with lids as well because a curious raccoon will search through it for food as well.

Seal Up Your Home

Make sure that any entry points to your attic or garage are closed if they are not being used. Don't leave your garage open at night. If your garage has a window, make sure it is closed and screened. If you have attic vents on the gables of your home, make sure that they are sealed and covered with metal screen on the inside if the slats are spread far enough apart for small raccoons to get into your attic.

Image of metal screen
Raccoons can't get past metal screening

Exclusion Work

While you are double checkingvents, doorways, and windows, also check for points of entry due to damage. Cracked or missing plastic siding, broken fascia board, and missing soffit can be a huge problem when you are trying to remove raccoons. If your roof is damaged, a raccoon may even tear as shingles to enter your attic. Their sharp claws are extremely capable and can easily destroy just about any material. You'll want to fix any of these areas to ensure raccoons will stay away.

Set Traps

You can keep raccoons away by setting traps. Traps will allow you to capture the raccoons on your property so that you can remove them easily and safely. Trappping doesn't guarantee that you will be able to keep raccoons away moving forwarg. You'll need to do some exclusion work, and likely some repair and replacment work to ensure that there are no other vulnerable points of entry to your home.

Don't Be Fooled

Don't be fooled by raccoon repellents. These products are a hoax and do not work. The only way to guarantee that you can remove raccoons from your property is to have a wildlife service professional perform a live trapping.

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