How to Kill a Racoon

We do NOT recommend killing raccoons. While they are a nuisance species that are able to be exterminated in many states, we feel that there are plenty of other options out there for dealing with a raccoon problem. All animals deserve a chance to find their place in nature, and we believe that it is possible to solve your raccoon problem without harming these creatures. However, we list some methods below that are used to take care of raccoons that are rabid or dangerous.

Hunting Season for Raccoons

Raccoon hunting season varies by state and local area. Consult local Fish and Wildlife officials of the United States to make sure you are acting appropriately and not encouraging legal action against yourself. It is important that you follow regulations when attempting to exterminate or eliminate raccoons. Hunting raccoons is not encouraged as they are not good sources of food or fur by most hunters and trappers.

Image of rifle
Don't shoot Raccoons

Killing Raccoons on Your Property

Again, you'll want to consult with your local Fish and Wildlife officials to make sure that it is okay to kill a raccoon on your property, and how you can do this safely and legally.

Killing Raccoons With Poison

There are some approved poisons for use on raccoons that provide them minimal discomfort and allow them to peacefully die. Check local ordinances to make sure what you are using is not harmful to the environment. This is not something that we recommend as you will have to deal with a raccoon carcass after you have poisoned it.

Small Caliber Firearms

Small caliber weapons are used to hunt and kill raccoons efficiently and safely. However, disharging a firearm on your property can have serious legal implications, and we do not recommend or condone this behavior. Local law enforcement representatives can inform you whether or not this is allowed in your area for dealing with nuisance wildlife, and may have recommendations of how to dispose of the carcass so as not to attract larger wildlife, buzzards, and the like.

Image of racoon in a live trap
Raccoon in a non- kill-trap trap

Kill Traps Designed for Raccoons

There are many products out there that are avialbe for consumers to purchase to trap and kill raccoons. Most of these products are as humane as possible and kill the raccoon in seconds of being trapped. These are the kind of traps you should purchased if you wish to remove these creatures by killing them.

Kill Traps Designed for Other Animals

If you are not using a raccon trap to ensnare a raccoon, you are most likely going to harm the animal before you end its life. Our technicians are in this business because they truly love animals, and want to make sure that they find a good home outside of your home. That is why we don't use traps that kill, and don't perform removal by extermination.

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