Raccoon Poop in Swimming Pools

Raccoon infestations will mean that your swimming pool needs to be attended to. These creatures not only use the pool water to wash food that they are about to eat, they also use it as a bathroom. They must not have heard the old addage about defecating where you have your meals. Anyway, here's our guide on raccoon feces in the swimming pool.

Image of Raccoon feces in a pool
Raccoon feces in a pool

Quarantine Your Pool Immediately

Once you have figured out that raccoons are using your pool, keep pets, children, and other adults out of there. The number one concern being the cleanliness of your pool, and the possibility of the pool water transmitting diseases like Leptospirosis. Until you have your raccoon friends removed from the pool enclosure or patio area, don't feel the need to take a morning swim or invite your friends over for a barbecue.

Remove the Raccoons From the Pool Area

If you are able to remove the raccoons from the pool area with a live trapping, do so. Repair any damaged screen around your deck and keep all doorways to the yard closed and locked at night. If your doors are in poor repair and do not close or latch all the way, make sure that they are repaired and in fine working order.

Image of pool
Sterilize your pool if it has raccoon feces in it

Sterilizing the Pool

You probably spend a good amount of money maintaining your pool with chemicals, and luckily, those chemicals help keep bacteria out of the water and prevent the spread of disease. If you haven't treated your pool in a while, you may need to contact a pool care company for expert advice on how to sterilize the water in it. In any case, it is wise to consult a wildlife removal expert on how to properly sanitize and secure the area to prevent these types of problems in the future.

Keeping Raccoons Out of the Pool

If your pool isn't screened, you're infinitely more likely to be sharing it with raccoons. It's extremely difficult to keep any wildlife away from your aquatic recreation area if you do not have UV screening installed properly and the pool enclosed completely. There is not much that wildlife removal services can do other than trapping any local raccoons to keep them out of your pool. The liklihood that you will run into this problem in the future if you do not have a pool enclosure is extremely high.

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