Raccoon Repellent

If you walked into an auto parts store and they told you that you should buy some bumper grease to make sure that you don't get into a fender bender, would you? Of course not. If they offered you headlight fluid and a license plate battery, would you buy that? No way. So don't get fooled by companies pedlling raccoon repellent.

Repellent granules
Raccoon repellents don't work very well

Raccoon Repellent Granules

This stuff is part of a long list of raccon removal and wildlife management products that simply do not get the job done. I saw some in a big-box home improvement store the other day and started laughing. They wanted $16 for a 3lb. bottle of this stuff, and it said it would get rid of all of your animal woes–including deer! Yeah right.

One of the largest trap manufacturing companies in the United States endorses a brand of raccoon repelling granules. The methods that we use are superior to this "over the counter" treatment because it not only works, but we guarantee that the trapping and exclusion is effective.

Raccoon Repellent Spray

Any wildlife removal service worth their salt will never sell you a service that involves raccoon repellent spray. Pest control companies use a similar product (that actually works) wto for ma barrier between the exterior of your home and the pests outside, completely killing or discuraging insects from invading your home. None of these products are meant for raccoons and can cause harm to the raccon if applied directly.

Repellent spray
Raccoon repellents don't work very well

Raccoon Repellent Pellets

Unlike some of the other hokey products out there, moth balls containing napthalene are effective at discoruaging some wildlife from hanging around. However, you need a literal TON of them to fill an attic and remove raccoons. It's not cost-effective and is dangerous to be living near or around that high a concentration of napthalene. You might as well remove yourself from your house too!

Don't Buy Into the Hype

The bottom line is, you get what you pay for. If you want $16 worth of raccoon removal, then buy yourself some granules. You're likely on this site because you have a major raccon problem that these products either can't control or don't. Take my advice and contact a wildlife management professional today. We offer FREE inspections and will always give you honest advice about your wildlife control needs.

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