How to Keep Snakes Away

The best way to solve a snake problem in the yard or outdoor living space is to exclude them entirely from your yard. There are several methods you can use to exclude snakes, and some of them will involve making repairs and enhancements to your property. All of the tips below will add value to your home, and keep your family safe.

Image of snake
Snake slithering

Wood Fencing

Wooden fences that stretch around the perimeter of your backyard are a great way to keep snakes out. Make sure there are no gaps in the panels, that the gate is securely closed, and that there is no gap between the bottom of the fence and the earth beneath it. A good way to make sure that there is no gap between the fence gate and the ground is to place pavers into the ground on the inside of the fence that stack up higher than the bottom of the gate. That way, when the gate swings out, it is not hindered by the pavers, and as it swings shut, it is flush against the pavers to prevent roaming snakes from entering the yard.

Don't Store Wood Outside of in the Garage

Keep wood saved for winter inside a screened in area that is not accessible to snakes. Snakes love the cool, dry air near wood piles and will make that a permanent home if there is enough food around for them to eat. Snakes are a terrible suprise when you are looking for firewood to warm up the house or start the fire pit with family and friends.

Image of steel mesh
Steel exclusion mesh

Keep Your Yard Well Maintained

High grass and loose brush is a welcoming environment for snakes and other wildlife. Keep your yard in good order and you'll notice a sharp decline in critter problems out in the yard. A clean, raked, and manicured lawn is something for the whole family to enjoy, including your pets.

Take Care of Any Other Nuisance Wildlife Problems

If you have an issue with rats in the home or the yard area, that's a big draw for snakes and other carnivorous wildlife. Shut down their buffet by trapping and removing the rats, or hire a professional service to do so. Keep in mind that the lingering odor of a rat colony can also attract snakes, so use the proper sanitation techniques to clean the odor of rats from your home or attic, as well as neutralize the bacteria left behind by rat feces.

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