Keeping Vultures Away

Vultures are large birds that feed on decaying carcasses of other animals, including other vultures. The most common kind is the Turkey vulture, so named for its slight resemblance to the bird we turn into lunch meat and feast on at Thanksgiving. Unlike the the Turkey, Turkey vultures are good at cleaning up roadkill, and picking at just about any dead animal you might find in your lawn or around your home. What the ants don't carry away, the vulture eats, and sometimes vice versa.

filthy scavenging vultures
filthy scavenging vultures

Vulture Removal

Vultures are unable to be removed, shot, or killed. However, you can shine bright lights at them and wish them away when you see a shooting star. These methods are 100% guaranteed to NOT work. So take a look at what's causing your vulture problem, and solve it. If they are feasting on dead animals nearby, there is likely a reason why there are so many carcasses, and it may or may not be able to be solved with a little effort, or a call to local wildlife removal and control specialists.

Deterring Vultures

Do you have animal carcasses lying around your property? Are you allowing a household pet to slay animals and not burying the remains at least 2 feet below the soil as recommended by most wildlife burial experts? Is there an inordinate about of roadkill slewn through your neighborhood streets? If this is the case, you have a dead animal removal problem, not a vulture problem. Once there is no more food supply, the vultures will move on and park it near a highway or busy street. If your home is by a highway or busy street where controlling the amount of roadkill is absolutely impossible, consider baiting, trapping, and releasing vultures in accordance with local guidelines.

scavenger turkey vulture
scavenging turkey vulture

Trapping Vultures

Be advised of any scrutiny that could be put forth by goverment animal control and wildlife services before you start trapping. Consult an official to make sure that this is legal in your area, and what you can do with a vulture once you have it trapped. Keep in mind that vultures will go where they are familiar, and can find their way back to just about any location if they are not removed and released many miles from their point of origin.

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