Pigeon Repellent

If taking care of your pigeon or invasive bird species problem was as simple as hopping into the car and driving down to the hardware store, purchasing some [insert brand name here] 100% certified pigeon repellent, I'd be out of a job.

pigeon repellent
pigeon repellent

Don't Buy Bird Repellents

Most likely, you are thinking consciously about your budget, and in a perfect world, you'd be able to get rid of the pigeons with minimal strain to your wallet. Well, actually, in a perfect world, there'd be no pigeons and we'd all live in the clouds and eat steak and candy at every meal. But this is real, and your pigeon problem is not a few shakes of some bird repellent granules away. No, the liquid and pellet stuff doesn't work either.

Why Don't Repellents Work?

Imagine for a moment that repellent does work at repelling some pigeons, and that you've been instructed by the brightly colored label around your new purchase to spread it around the yeard and affected areas. The chemicals inside those containers are neither harsh enough to scare away a group of these animals, or make the ones already there flee forever. If they were, the chemicals would ruin your lawn and cause the air inside your home to be un-breathable. Save your money for exclusion, repair, and cleaning materials, or hire a wildlife management professional from our directory to do it all for you.

Alternatives to Repellents for Pigeons

Live exclusion, live trapping, kill trapping, and relocation are options depending upon laws in your state, county, or city. Speak with representatives of government agencies who enforce these policies near you for more information.s

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