How to Remove Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducks exist in urban and suburban areas throughout the country because they were brought here to be farmed and killed for meat. As such, it is a non-native intrusive species that has certain guidelines for removal. Do not attempt to molest, capture, or otherwise remove muscovy ducks unless you know what you are doing and can do so without offending any laws.

the noisy muscovy duck
the noisy muscovy duck

Don't Call Local Fish and Wildlife Services

No government agency will assist with muscovy duck removal or relocation. Only private trappers and wildlife removal services can rid you of your duck problem. In some states, no permit is required to do this, and if that is the case in your state, feel free to look into the trapping and safe and legal release of invasive ducks in your area. The sooner you start this process, the better.

Trapping Muscovy Ducks

These are much larger than your standard invasive bird species, and will require larger trapping and exclusion devices. While it is highly unlikely for a muscovy duck to enter a home, enclosed porch, or attic, they have been known to settle in barns and properties suited for outdoor storage. Nets can be used to keep them out, and they can be scared or baited out of the former types of properties. If they are in your yard and causing a disturbance, you can trap them. However, it is illegal in most areas to relocate these ducks. Once trapped, you're stuck with the bird unless you are legally able to shoot and kill it. Most trappers say that muscovy ducks are delicious. I wouldn't know.

the nuisance in your pond: the muscovy duck
the nuisance in your yard: the muscovy duck

Excluding Muscovy Ducks

If your property does not have water access to it, it is easy to exclude muscovy ducks. You can build a large trap that causes the ducks to enter from inside your property, and exit out the other side, off your property. But in doing this you may be committing a crime if that land is owned by another individual. Spoiler alert: most land is owned.

The most common method of exclusion that bypasses laws in place regarding muscovy ducks is to destroy nests and eggs, so that the current population is the last generation. It is extremely sad business to destroy budding wildlife, but at the same time, if you want these ducks're going to have to get your hands dirty. Otherwise, you can call a wildlife removal specialist who will do the dirty work for you.

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