How to Get Rid of Possums

The internet is rich with many DIY options to get rid of possums around the home and yard area. Possums respond to a number of stimulus negatively, most being sight and smell, but also touch. A few possums or opossums can be dealt with using some of these home remedies, the cost is low, and the results are conclusive. However, over time, maintaining these rememdies can become a hassle, and you'll need to contact a wildlife removal specialist to get rid of the possum colony.

possum repellent
possum repellent is a hoax

Home Remedies for Possum Removal

Possums respond negatively to noxious odors. They abhor the smell of ammonia, garlic, and napthalene (chemical found in moth balls). They are also afraid of lights at night, and don't like to be wet.

Odor-based Repellents for Possums

A popular internet how-to site advises a large coffee grounuds can, punctured at the top, with an old rag as a wick, can be a great way to keep possums off the porch. A simple solution of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water can discourage possums from hanging around. Keep in mind that you'll probably smell it too, and this isn't a good long-term solution.

Moth balls under the deck or patio space can keep some critters crom nosing around under there, but you'll eventually be replacing them on a weekly basis to keep this treatment working. More and more of the moth balls will be required each time, exponentially increasing as the critters become used to the strong smell of napthalene. This is another solution that won't work in the long term, and it can also pose a hazard to household pets like dogs or cats that could try to ingest one.

Garlic cloves are also strong in odor and can ward off some household pests, including possums and opossums. We'll advise you once again that these odor-based repellents are not a long-term solution and will eventually become innefectual if they even work at all.

possum repellent from lavender
natural possum repellent is a hoax

Home-made Chemical Repellents

Numerous gardening blogs tout homeopathic garden sprays that can be used to keep insects and other pests out of your plants and garden. A strong rain, hot sun, or daily watering can dilute or evaporate these solutions and bring you back to square one. Possums that eat pineapples and other ground-level crops should be removed by a wildlife professional to ensure that they and others like them do not return.

Hiring a Specialist

Hiring a specialist to remove nuisance wildlife is always the best option. Technicians with years of training and experience on the job know more about these topics than unreliable internet blogs and Web sites. Specialists begin by making recommendations and/or enhancements to your yard to possum-proof the area. Then they begin to trap the possums and remove them from your property if they still remain in the area.

possum trappign by a professional
trapping possums is the way to go

Professional Possum Exclusion

Wildlife professionals will advise you keep your lawn cut short, and your fences in good repair. Check for signs of digging near the base of the fence line, and fill these holes with tightly packed dirt. Ensure that crawlspaces underneath porches and decks are covered in 1/4-inch grid screen made from metal. Install clear plastic spikes in these spaces where you cannot place the mesh. Then proceed to the trapping phase.

Professional Possum Trapping

One-way door traps and baited metal cage traps are great for possums. Most specialists don't use kill traps, and depending upon the area that you live in, it could be illegal to kill a possum. Be sure to check local regulations and laws regarding animal trapping before doing so.

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