Possum Poop Photos

The most damage that can be caused by a possum is not done directly by the possum, but by the feces it leaves behind. Learning how to identify possum poop can help you follow the best course of action to remove the feces, as well as ensure your health and safety as you do so.

What Does Possum Poop Look Like?

possums poop everywhere
possums poop everywhere

Possum poop is usually blackish or very dark brown and can look like the feces of a small dog. You won't often find seeds in the possum excrement because they do not eat seeds as part of their diet. You may find bits of paper or garbage in the poop because these animals can be scavengers if their normal food source is not available.

Possum feces is usually found in a pile or in a row of broken droppings. Undigested berries and other materials may be present in the poop. Younger immature possums will have smaller poop but it will look similarly to the adult possum poop.

get rid of possum poop quickly to prevent disease
get rid of possum poop quickly to prevent disease

Are There Bacterias Associated With Possom Poop?

Yes. Leptospirosis is a disease that prevents flu-like symptoms and lives in the bacteria inside possum poop. Do not touch possum poop with your hands by any means. Our technicians use heavy gear as well as face, lung, and eye protection to remove animal feces for this reason, and take extra caution with feces disposal. Double-bagging and disposing of the feces according to local laws is only the beginning of the process to remove possum poop from your home.

Possum Poop Sanitation and Removal

Picking up the droppings is not enough to have done the job of removing possum feces properly. We use industrial strength machines to filter the air and flean it with antimicrobial spray to restore the air quality in attics and homes that experience possum infestation and feces damage. Insualtion and drywall will soak up this horrible mix of urine and feces and be beyond sterilization.

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