Possums in the Attic

Once possums enter your attic, they will be hard to remove wihtout the proper exclusion and removal techniques. We'll go into some of the details of possum removal below in order to give you an idea about how to do this successfully the first time.

check roofline for possum poop and entry points
get under the roof to check for damage and possums

Inspecting for Possums in the Attic

Give yourself plenty of time to inspect the interior and exterior of your home in order to help get rid of possums in the attic. You should be able to find the entry points for the possums fairly easily. There will be dirt and feces smudged up near where they are trying to get in and out because possums are wild animals who don't have the best hygiene. Possums will have exploited an already damaged area of your home to enter. You will see signs of damage like broken fascia board and bent soffit.

Inspecting the Roof for Possums

Take your inspection outside and climb up on a ladder if you are well enough to. Check for possum poop on the roof and for dirt and feces stains around attic vents. These attic vents will need to be covered with steel mesh to prevent animals from getting in.

possum poop in the attic insulation
possum poop in the attic

Cleaning Possum Feces in the Attic

Most droppings will be able to be removed and placed in a disposal bag. Use protective clothing and facial coverings when doing this. Gloves are a must as well. Once the feces is gone, the air will need to be cleaned to prevent the spread of bacteria. Use an industrial strength mister with antimicrobial spray solution to completely decontaminate the area. Replace any insulation or drywall ceiling panels that have become saturated with the feces or urin of possums.

Trapping & Excluding Possums

Refer to our guides on possum exclusion and possom trapping for further information regarding the removal of possums. The basic concept of exclusion from the attic is that you will corral the possums into a single area and provide them a way to exit the attic. On the outside of the home, you will have installed exclusion devices that act as one-way doors, preventing possums from going back into the home, but allowing them to freely and easily exit the space. You do this similarly by using live traps and relocating the possums outside after sealing their entry shut. This is mroe time-consuming and will require attentiveness to the traps to ensure that the possum does not die and attract other wildlife.

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