Pest Control for Possums

Possums are a common wildlife nuisance and can be removed by contacting local private trapping companies, or doing the job yourself. We recommend for large infestations to hire a service as they will be able to handle both the volume of possums, and the massive amounts of sanitation that will be required to remove their excrement.

use live traps instead of kill traps
trap your possums, don't kill them

DIY Possum Trapping

Live and lethal kill traps are acceptable to use on possums in some parts of the United States. Do research to see what is available for use in your area before beginning to trap the possums.

Live Traps for Possums

To humanely remove possums, you can use a live trap. This type of trap causes no harm to the animal but confines it inside of a metal cage once caught. You will need to bait the trap so that it is appealing to the possum. You can use a variety of different baits, but our team has had success with canned cat food the most.

Kill Traps for Possums

possums bring ticks into the home
hire an exterminator if you see one of these ticks

Exterminators deal in death, and wildlife removal specialists deal in conservation. It is not only a bigger mess to clean up a dead animal, but it causes unpleasant odors and decomposing animal carcasses can leak fluids and cause more damage. Lethal traps will need to be checked more often than live traps to make sure that you don't have a dead animal attracting vultures or other animals who will pick at the bones, not to mention insect life like flies, maggots, and ants.

Possum Bugs

There are no bugs called "possum bugs," but bugs associated with possums can cause problems for the homeowner. Bed bugs, lice, fleas, and mites can travel on the backs of these furry creatures and it is important to make sure that you are aware of any insects left behind after a possum removal.

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